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 Mentoring Salons are a program to facilitate wisdom exchange between generations and experience levels. Research shows that mentorship is a key driver of professional growth and retention for rising professionals, yet it can be hard when you are starting out to get access to the people with the advice you need. Even when companies have a structured mentorship program, there is a benefit to more fluid, flexible and diverse mentoring relationships. 

Mentoring Salons originated with women founders and professionals and  have expanded to corporate programs and events as a way to create a forum for actionable advice and accelerate mentorship. 

Christina has run mentoring events for organizations such as the NFL, GoGirl Finance and The Riveter and brought them with her time at Forbes with partners such as Veuve Cliquot and Marie Claire. 

Venture Forward Series at The Riveter

Goal: Smaller events to create community and content for founders and funders. 


The Riveter x Christina Vuleta present Venture Forward, a venturing salon focused on helping entrepreneurs move forward. The event series features three funders in the startup ecosystem who answer questions from three early-stage founders across LA, Austin, and Seattle. The interactive discussion focused on how to overcome the challenges early-stage startups face in scaling their company. 

Built the program, formatted and recruited speakers, and created interactive mentor-based networking session post-panel. Series Recap and Advice! 


LA Event Article
Austin Article
Seattle Article

Forbes Mentoring Salon


“I'm totally re-energized. I really don't think I'd have been able to reframe how I look at my job without the help you guys offered me.”– Callie Schweitzer, Director of Digital Innovation, Time Magazine (now Head of Communit Programs, LinkedIn).
“I would highly recommend that you participate in this wonderful program. It connects you with amazing 20somethings looking for guidance. I made some great new friends and was captivated by the round-table discussions. – Susan McPherson, Founder, McPherson Strategies
“Christina is doing a great thing connecting groups of women.” - Joanne Wilson, Angel Investor, Gotham Gal and co-founder of the Women Entrepreneur Festival
"We were both really impressed with how open people were to helping. They were excited about what we were doing and saw that we were excited and could get onboard with that. People want to help.”  -- Small Girls PR cofounders
 "Today it’s hard to find high-quality mentorship but the 7x7 Salon provides a rare opportunity to receive genuine guidance from industry leaders and build relationships that can make an impact on your career. It exposed me to invaluable feedback that I would have never otherwise have access to and was truly a threshold point for my business.” – Melody Wilding, Executive Coach, Author of Trust YourselfTRUST YOURSELF | Award-Winning Executive Coach to Sensitive Strivers 
"I recently participated in the most effective 2 hour executive mentoring session of my career  (and that's saying a lot). It was led by Christina Vuleta and has a really creative format. I had an amazing group of mentors -come together to address the career concerns of our rising female stars. It was great." - Corporate Mentoring Salon participant

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